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Drive-In racking and heavy duty shelving made from steel shelving


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Vehicles such as forklift trucks can be used in the drive in racking for the pallets containing the goods to be stored. This is a very speedy and reliable use of your valuable floor space. The storage volume is therefore more than double compared to the standard pallet racking. Two kinds of installation are possible; Drive in racking or Drive through racking:

Storplan has installed Drive In racking and Drive Through Racking in a number of cold storage applications, due to the need to store as many pallets as possible in as little expensive freezer space as possible.

Drive In Racking and Drive Through Racking is ideal when you have seasonal items that move quickly out of your inventory, when you have a large amount of similar items that can be stored in a single pallet position and accessed last-in – first-out basis or If you don’t store a wide variety of loads in the rack.

For more information on drive in racking or other warehouse racking solutions please contact our sales department.