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456 Racking, industrial racking design, Metalsistem racking and other racking systems


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456 modular construction systems are ideal for spans of up to 4.5m. Our modular construction systems are based on the following main structural components:

Upright: Construction systems are created as a closed boxed section, without holes and cutouts, with location points on four sides for connection & uni-directional beams for bracing.

Frame: Construction systems are completely adjustable and assembled without the use of nuts and bolts, without welding. Horizontal and diagonal bracing can be assembled in parallel pairs on the same frame.

Beams: Construction systems beams are without welded connectors, being designed to support pallets and integral modular shelving panels. The beams are of composite section, many times their material thickness and can be assembled in parallel pairs on the same upright at the same height.

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